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TOPIC: Government Loans for chicken farming

Re: Government Loans for chicken farming 1 year 1 month ago #960

  • Aubrey
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Can you perhaps e-mail me the Business Plan in Word.

It will be much appreciated.

Re: Government Loans for chicken farming 5 years 2 days ago #50

  • Seeker
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great - look forward to any info you can give on government help - pleasure for the plan - not mine though - I hooked it from a company call Chicken Shack.

Re: Government Loans for chicken farming 5 years 3 days ago #48

  • ntombinto
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Hi There

My name is Ntombi, i have also developed an interest in Chicken farming, i think what people do these days is register a co-operative and then seek help from the Goverment, i know they said they assist from finding Land to helping you purchase your 1st 2500 chickens and their feed.
i have a meetin in Winterveldt on Monday regarding the above issue, i will give feedback when i return.

By the way thanks for the business has vital info.
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Re: Government Loans for chicken farming 5 years 6 days ago #46

  • Seeker
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Ok - this is what I have - it has tables and pictures to do wth poultry farming, feeding tables and production tables. It is in a pdf - I also have it in a word doc - but it is 6 megs. Let me know what you think - you will have to change quite a lot of stuff to your details - but it has plenty to impress the bank or government for a loan application.
detailed poultry business plan
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Re: Government Loans for chicken farming 5 years 1 week ago #40

  • Seeker
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Not boring at all - sounds pretty exciting - how big is the land? Remember what the business guys say - location, location, location - how close are you to your customers? - transport can chew your profit up. I'll try and get the site administrator to put the detailed plan up in a pdf for a download - it is from a poultry company - so you will have to change some of the details in the business plan. I think the site belongs to Chicken man - do you know by any chance?

Re: Government Loans for chicken farming 5 years 1 week ago #38

  • mbelekwane
  • mbelekwane's Avatar
Thanks fella.

Yes please, kindly send me a more detailed business plan, it will help a lot.

Few, boring updates, i left my part time job on the 31 August to focus on gettin the venture up and running. Ever since, i had an opportunity of meeting the Agriculture and Land reforms Department in Germinston to seek further information after a friend of mine referred me to them.

The department works as follows, you come to them having a land (or a PLOT) to utilise for a farming business of your choice and they'll start with allocating you to an Extention officer to meet with you for things such as undertaking a feasibility study to determine the appropriateness of running the said business and if all goes well, you will be required to attend Agricultural training organized by them and other things. You will be given a lot of equipment and resources (as well as Man power) to help you start your business and, help you apply for funding in one of thier departments.

I am on my way to view a Plot that we could utilise at Zuurbekom as well as in Delmas and depending the logistics invloved in acquiring or utilizing the plot, i'll approach the Agric dept in order to commence the procedure as above.

The next time i visit the site i should be coming with some interesting updates. Until then, happy farming.

Sandile Mbelekwane

Re: Government Loans for chicken farming 5 years 3 weeks ago #35

  • Seeker
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Ok brother - keep pushing. you can see a poultry business plan on this site at chicken farming business plan - if you want a business plan that is really detailed I can try and get you a template.

Re: Government Loans for chicken farming 5 years 3 weeks ago #34

  • mbelekwane
  • mbelekwane's Avatar

Please call Small Enterprise Development Agency offices at PTA old CIPRO building at +27 (012) 349-0100 and enquire if they still run sessions on how to start a business.

The institution that i know whose focuse is on teaching about live stock management, poultry production etc, is the ARC (Agricultural Research Council) based in PTA (Irene), i have attached thier contacts. If you can't get throu, they're:

Private Bag / Privaatsak X2, IRENE, 0062,South Africa/Suid-Afrika
Private Bag / Privaatsak X2, IRENE, 0062, South Africa / Suid-Afrika
Web site :

Tel : (012) 672-9153 (Int : +27 12)
Fax : (012) 665-1563 (Int : +27 12)


Sandile Mbelekwane

Re: Government Loans for chicken farming 5 years 3 weeks ago #33

  • mbelekwane
  • mbelekwane's Avatar
Whusup Seeker

Sorry for the delay, still stationary thou :( yet i hope from the 1/09 i will have more time to focus on this venture. The Development Bank of SA or Land Bank will consider a Loan application for Co-operative or Public Company going commercial. Any collateral (well usually Land) will work to your benefit. I am struggling to get more infor but as i go along, i'll halla.

I have an appointment with this family that have a plot at Zuurbekom (mind my spelling) to talk about utilizing thier plot in running the chicks biz, since they don't have anyone to look after it. My fingers are crossed that they won't rent it out to us, we do not have any molla for such a cost.

I will be getting a contact number of a lady that works for the economic department in Brakpan later on today. She deals with Land affairs, that's all i know. I need to send her an email to request for an appointment with her and when she says no problemo, i'll walk all over her until she agrees to give us some open land around Benoni(Peti)/Brakpan/Nigel etc. I will let you know how the meeting went down.

Now the plan is, sit with my partners and discuss how we can undertake a Market research for our Eggs and then work on it, concurrently work on a Business plan. But Market research takes priority.

Ok. Keep well and let's push some more.

Sandile Mbelekwane

Re: Government Loans for chicken farming 5 years 3 weeks ago #32

  • ntombinto
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Hi there

im also new in this field and would like to get as much info on chicke farming as possible.
where can i attend these sessions from the dept of Agriculture?

Re: Government Loans for chicken farming 5 years 3 weeks ago #31

  • Seeker
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hey Mbelekwane - how's the project - any developments or info on the loan story yet?

Re: Government Loans for chicken farming 5 years 1 month ago #16

  • mbelekwane
  • mbelekwane's Avatar
Not quite sure.. I will ask around...

A couple of months back we visited the department of Agriculture at PTA to enquire about the programm the government runs whereby they'll buy Land from a private owner and have this land leased or resold to potential farmers at an arrangement where a farmer will run his/her business on and create jobs. When we got there, we were told that the government under the leadership of President Thabo Mbeki had that programm going but it was brough to an end after the throning of the current President of RSA.

Re: Government Loans for chicken farming 5 years 1 month ago #12

  • Seeker
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I know rural farmers wo have got money from government - up to 600K. They apply for the loan through department of Agriculture. Usually there are 12 people or so in the group and they don't have any poultry experiance at all. They get land and chicken houses and food and chickens - how do these guys doit? - or where do they apply - anyone know.

Re: Government Loans for chicken farming 5 years 1 month ago #11

  • mbelekwane
  • mbelekwane's Avatar
I agree with Mlungu, try SEDA.

However, they've a total different agenda all together when it comes to loans and funding. We went for a briefing on the 04 August 2011 at PTA, old CIPRO building, where we sat for a chat on how SEDA works and everything they have to can assist an entrepreneur succeeed. Making funds/loans available is not one of their services regretably yet, they can assist, through real life assisgnments and feedback on what to do to starting a business. If and when one follows their assigments, they eventually assist you in applying for finance with the Financial Institutions, AGRI-Seta etc. Their assignments are excellent trust me. I will post contact detials later on today.

My take and approach on busines loans is and will be, sort out the logistics first, such like obtaining a formal written business plan, marketing plan, registration of said business (including VAT and TAX) and then start small. This starting small says that as you go out in search of funding, you would have tested your business idea and ascertained that it is working and now you wanna grow it further, hence finance application. Something to consider with this in thought, ABSA will only consider your application if your business has been operating for 12months; NEDBANK need you to be in operation for at least 9months as well as Government etc and yet, this doesn't mean you'll automatically be granted finance. You will still need to pursuade them that thier funding will really play a pivotal role in growing and succeeding you.

Keep well and happy farming

Re: Government Loans for chicken farming 5 years 1 month ago #10

  • mbelekwane
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Iyo, total reep off mos... :angry:

I guess there's a lot that i still gonna go through since i'm interested in getting in to Farming Industry. Howzit Seeker? My name is Sandile Mbelekwane and i reside in Tsakane, Ekurhuleni, east of Gauteng. I am currently working for a company called Pansolutions until the 31 August 2011. I attended a Poultry Production Course offered by the ARC-Agriculatural Research Council based in Irene, PTA, for 4 days and i must say that for an emerging farmer like myself, it was worth it. I am seeking more infor and/or knowledge when it comes to how to run a farm, any help will do.

Myself and two cousins of mine are determined to get into the Industry and are busy looking for an available land around Nigel, Brakpan and of course Tsakane whether it be leased or on sale, to run our business from. Our focus is on Selling Eggs in and around the Ekurhuleni and grow to commercialize ourselves. There've been quite a lot of challenges, acquisition of Land been one them, yet we believe that overtime we overcome them.

I will post as much progress on this site as soon as we commence business and by the look of things, we will start with the back yard enterprise, which i don't think we'll operate for long.

I am glad that i will have farmers like you from whom to obtain advise and the likes, for a successful farming.

Keep well

Re: Government Loans for chicken farming 5 years 1 month ago #9

  • Seeker
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Watch out for agencies, I have heard that these payers will charge you a lot more for the chicken houses. They say they will help you with the application and the business plan - which they do, and very well. The only thing is that if the chicken house costs R120 000 - they hit government for double or triple. A real rip off. Means that you could have put an application for all of that an maybe got 3 poultry houses from government. :angry: What really pisses me off is that there is another small chicken farmer who does not get a loan while some tosser gets rich robbing the government - I don't mind these guys charging a fair fee - but 100 grand for a business plan and an application - no ways.

Re: Government Loans for chicken farming 5 years 1 month ago #3

  • Mlungu
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try for poultry loans from government

Government Loans for chicken farming 5 years 2 months ago #2

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Getting government loans for chicken farming in South Africa - where is the best place to start?
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