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A forum specifically for small poultry farmers in Africa - what a great idea. Go to Forum Now emerging farmers and small farmers can compare notes and help each other with chicken farming challenges specific to Africa. Buying second hand poultry equipment or selling - post here and see if you can get a buyer - or a great deal on farm equipment! This chicken forum is free to use and free to register. You will find out what other farmers think about suppliers of poultry equipment and what poultry farmers think about different brands of poultry equipment. Need a chicken house for 1000 chickens - someone here will have built a poultry house or had one built - ask questions about chicken feed and how to look after chickens. Find out about layer houses for producing eggs and why layer farming and broiler farming are so different. Learn from other small farmers about the challenges that face small start up businesses - especially when trying to raise money for government loans and preparing business plans.

Grant DTI - for chicken house


Governerment sponsored structure


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The poultry forum, or chicken forum is for chicken farmers in South Africa and Africa.All the poultry information you find in the forum is by chicken farmers who are poultry farming in Africa or want to talk to chicken farmers. The poultry disussion board is only about poultry farming and chicken farming. Come on Small Farmers - lets make chicken farming easy for everyone. Learn from other farmers about the best farming methods - what to farm, how to farm and who to get farm equipment from.



second hand chicken farming equipment Learn about mixing your own feeds and supplements for chicken feed. Learn about broiler medicine programmes and when and how to vaccinate your flock. What clothing your employees should be wearing, braai chickens, broilers, layers, breeding chicken so that you can have your own types of poultry. Ask it and there is likely a helpful soul out there who will answer your questions. It is free to be a member, and if you have poultry equipment for sale, or chickens for sale - this may be the place where you can get buyers for your products, buyers for eggs and buyers for chickens. Find out what is a good price and what other farmers are selling their chickens and eggs for - a wealth of information and friendly, helpful farmers.

Second hand poultry equipment

Looking for egg laying machinery, or egg sorting equipment - maybe you can even buy second hand poultry equipment! - Or sell, if you have second hand poultry equipment. Drive units for chain feeders are expensive - perhaps you will find one that another farmer is not using - old troughs are just as good as new troughs - see what you can find!

Chicken farmers in South Africa

Most smaller farmers will be looking for manual drinkers and feeders - second hand they are like hens teeth - but you never know until you ask. Incubators - where to get them - who make the best egg incubator? Who sells fertilised eggs, and why they do not hatch out? See videos of small poultry structures and how the curtain system works on a winch - and whether you even need such fancy things on a small structure. See how a layer cage works - and when to use nest boxes instead of battery cages.

Discuss the upside and downsides of intensive commercial farming as apposed to free range and organic - you will be surprised how many small farms there are out there doing this kind of farming. You will also find out about the challenges they face in their particular locations. Perhaps before you start farming you can ask a farmer if you can visit his or her set up - always good to see what you are getting yourself into before you start - and having a mentor is probably the best thing you can do when starting a chicken farm. A good place to start your journey is Starting a poultry farm.



Sohail Choudhury
0 #4 Sohail Choudhury 2012-08-05 13:54
We are looking for buying frozen Halal chicken [both griller and hen chicken] for our customers in the Middle east. Our monthly requirement is really large volume. Only genuine poultry farms in African continent are welcome to send their reply at: jethrodhaka [at]
Wayne Skews
0 #3 Wayne Skews 2012-06-19 09:02
Hey - good for you. Why don't you login to the forum and chat there - you will get a lot of interest in what you are doing. When you say you are mixing your own poultry feed - what are you using?
Andrea Joubert
+1 #2 Andrea Joubert 2012-06-18 11:57
I keep a few layers and I am raising a couple of table birds in my backyard. I am having great success raising day olds with a hot water bottle and no heat lamps. I also feed all my chickens food out of the kitchen and also my own mixed foods rather than commercial foods. I am finding the way I am raising my chickens very economical and loads of fun. Is there anyone else doing this type of really small scale chicken farming in their backyard?
Rob Wood
+1 #1 Rob Wood 2012-06-02 12:37
We are a South African Lighting company who have developed a proudly South African LED Light for the chicken coops.the Light is a 10 w --Equivelent to a 60w Incandescent it has a IP Ratiing of IP 68(CAN BE EMERGED IN WATER)The light has a 5 year guarantee and a lifespan 0f 60 000 hours.

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